Roblox Obby

Zombie with Obby, these dreadful creatures, have crawled their way into every online game. And Roblox is no exception. In this sandbox with elements of construction they also found a cozy nook. Albeit they can’t just live peacefully, they need to find and eat somebody. Your hero is their potential dinner. Of course, he doesn’t like it and is willing to do everything it takes to save his skin. It seems like you will need to meddle in and help you charge to survive surrounded by the undead. Knock together some sort of weapon from anything that is at hand and then use it against zombies. Cut them with knifes, blow them up, shoot at them, crash them with hammers. In other words, the list of your opportunities is immense. Most importantly, don’t let zombies to kill you! It’s only up to you whether you will be able to hold up in this highly dangerous, hostile environment. And surely, everything is made in the iconic Roblox style! Even zombies have ugly square heads and angular arms which they pull forth towards you in search of their favorite meal – tasty brains. Be on your guard and don’t let them any close!