Roblox New

Everyone likes puzzle games. They are absorbing, they can be played any time any place and, most importantly, they help us get smarter. The variety of puzzles really strikes, from classics games like mahjong and three-in-a-row to more complicated options having a whole background story and action elements. Being the world’s largest virtual sandboxes where users can create their own games, Roblox literally crawls with all sorts of puzzles among which you will definitely find a few that will keep you staring at the screen for hours trying to figure out how to make things work. Say nothing of an ability to design some puzzles of your own and sharing them with the other players!

 Today we are going to talk about one of such Roblox games called Blitz. This simple yet highly addictive puzzle challenges you to deal with colorful circles. Each of them has a portrait of a Roblox character. The players needs to collect the necessary icons as fast as they can to proceed to the next level.

 The circles you have to gather on the map are located on the left. Their number is calculated by the number of collected dots. For instance, having swept up nine at a time, you can destroy a full line. Unlike other puzzles, you can point the arrow in any direction. The game offers 80 thrilling levels with the number of circles increasing on each of them. On the right, you’ll see a counter showing the number of moves made by the player. The fewer of them the higher is your reward. Once the needed number of circles is collected you will be able to move to the next level. In the main menu you’ll find a table listing your achievements and the number of points collected on each level.

 The game will appeal to kids and everyone who prefers solving simple riddles! Little games will be able to train their attention and learn to better discern colors while adults will just have a relaxing time after a hard day at work. While the game might seem pretty easy, it won’t cut you any slack once you get to truly complicated levels. Play Roblox Blitz and check whether your eye is sharp enough!