Roblox CS GO

Who haven’t played Counter Strike? One of the first massive online shooters, it gathered thousands of players from all over the world. The main concept of the game is the conduction of an antiterrorist operation on a certain location. The terrorists need to blow up the bomb, hold the captives or wipe out the troops while those playing for the government must prevent them from doing that.

 The battle unfolds across a variety of maps where each of the teams has to accomplish a certain assignment. You’ll have to try hard to perform it. Your opponents will apply great efforts to throw you off. They will fire from every corner, hurl grenades, attack from the flanks and crawl in on your back.

 Every shooter comes with cool guns and CS: GO is no exception. Your arsenal includes a wide variety of weapons: pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns. You can have your favorite options, but to succeed in the game, you need to learn shooting from all kinds of weapons. After all, you don’t always have an opportunity to buy the gun you prefer.

 For a more comfortable competition, the game includes a system of titles and ranks that reflects the player’s skill level. This system allows players of the same level to compete with those of their own size. The title increases when you gain the next level. To do that, you need to participate in combats and collect experience for winning and losing. There are a total of 18 levels. The higher your level is the more authority you have. Here, in Roblox, you can see how KS:GO looks in a pixelated design and play it from a new, unusual perspective!