Hamster Simulator

Most people have a pet. It’s no wonder since pets make us feel not so lonely and entertain us with their tricks. For some, they are as important as members of the family. But if you can’t have a pet for some reason (perhaps you don’t have time or fail to be around the house very often), you can make up for that by getting yourself a virtual hamster! A cute fluffy friend waits for you in Roblox. Players have an opportunity to try on the skin of a hamster and find out what the life of a charming rodent is like.

 The game starts from selecting a character. You need to decide how you will look like on the map. Although this is a hamster simulator, you can also become a cat. However, for that you’ll have to pay 450 robux (local currency). Whether you need it or not is up to you to decide – Roblox also offers great simulators of cat life. There are many hamster species for you to choose from. For instance, you can select the Chinese hamster with a dark stripe on the back and a bare rat’s tail. Or the panda hamster resembling his bigger-size relative. The Syrian hamster is red with white paws. The winter hamster is fully white like fresh snow. The black hamster is black as coal with beautiful gradations to ash grey. The gold hamster has a golden carapace on his back and is only available after fulfilling certain conditions. Finally, there is also a white mouse.

 So, what exactly are you going to do in the game? You will attend to usual hamster business – find food, sleep, play and interact with your keen. The game is performed in the pixelated style of Roblox, so don’t be surprise to see your pet a bit square. Hamster simulator is a great way to spend a relaxing time and forget about all your troubles exploring the exciting world in Roblox! Discover all the ups and downs of hamster life and see whether you can make a good hamster!