With age our memory starts to fail us. This is no news considering that in modern world we are used to perceive information in short bits and our attention gets ever more diffused. That can lead to sad consequences if you don’t train your memory with online games. Roblox memory is a captivating browser-based game based on the Roblox universe. Here players are challenged to find pairs of identical character cards. Completing subsequent stages, you can improve your visual memory and enhance your attention.

 The main goal is to collect a pair of the same cards in a minimal amount of time and with a minimum number of efforts. This is a standard puzzles where you need to find all identical elements. After opening the second card, you need to remember where was the first. The game features four levels with a different number of cards and visual design. Each new stage doubles the number of cards to up the difficulty level. At first stage, there are just 4 cards. The second stage offers 8 cards, the third increases that number to 16 and finally you get to play with 32 crds.

 Users are limited in time that is given to find all the pairs. If you don’t fit into the mentioned time period, you have to start the game from scratch. There is a special point counter. The faster you collect all the pairs and the fewer attempts you make the more points you will get. Enjoy a classic puzzle designed in Roblox-style and see how fast you can open all the identical cards! This is a nice way to spend a few minutes of spare time when you don’t know what else to do. And of course it’s good for your brain!