Floor is Lava

You must remember a game from our childhood telling you can’t step on the floor because it’s covered with lava. So, it also exists in the virtual world and lava is depicted very realistically. Stepping on it is like burning alive. The hero needs to overcome a certain distance without his feet touching the scorched ground. You can move over the furniture, jump from tree to tree hopping over lava puddles. In other words, you can do anything but stepping into that lava. Otherwise the game will be over and you’ll lose all the points and rewards. You don’t want that, right? So be extra careful and attentive. Lava doesn’t forgive mistakes! The game is designed in Roblox style, with everything being shaped as squares. That reminds you of the old console games like Mario and the likes. A simple yet adrenaline-packed and absorbing gameplay can keep you occupied for hours! Test your reflexes and give your fingers a workout while trying to cross the lava-spitting field!