Escape From Prison

If you think back to your school days, you’ll probably remember that you weren’t very thrilled with the prospect of sitting behind the desk all day long listening to the boring voice of the teacher and raking your brain over mind-boggling math. Maybe you even used to sneak out of the campus and fool around while others were serving their time at a tedious lecture. And even if you were a good student and didn’t do anything that could corrupt your reputation or threaten your marks, Roblox offers you a chance to make up for it by running away from school in the middle of the workday! You are going to play as a square-shaped teen who got tired of all the school stuff and decided to take his leave while nobody’s watching. Can’t blame him for that, can we? However, this plan won’t be that easy to implement. The campus is safely guarded, so our friend could really use your help. Run as fast as you can, smash the walls with a powerful hammer, jump over obstacles, attack the guards, gain points and, most importantly, don’t stop! Otherwise you’ll be put back into the classroom. Sounds a bit extreme, not like something a bored schoolboy would do across the street. But wouldn’t it be just hilarious to wreck havoc on a healthful place any prep is and just get away with it?