Coloringroblox is a browser-based Robox-themed coloring book with a large number of colors to choose from. You will gain access to a total of 24 color pencils with the help of which you’ll paint beautiful pictures. If you made a mistake or decides to change the color of a certain element, there is a convenient eraser of alterable size. To make the process comfier, you can also change the size of the pencil to more precisely outline the curves and draw small details on the character. The minimal size is 10 pixels while the maximal is 50 pixels. There is a wide selections of pretty images for your consideration. You can also save and print out the result of your work. This amazing coloring book will bring out your creative side and give you aesthetic pleasure as you will be the designer who decides how the picture will eventually look. If you love Roblox and art, this is a perfect choice for your leisure pastime. The game doesn’t demand any commitment, you can pop in and out at will when you have a spare minute.